Nov 15, 2013

Bald Natasha Koroleva in a new clip

"Stood and cried" - so the new video, which was presented today Natasha Koroleva. The name is more than evident describes the content of the video - Natasha really worth a brick wall, really crying. And yet - cuts his hair, and in the end, is bald. Such is the drama - to expose the emotions in the song bares Korleva skull.

Clip has already appeared on the official YouTube channel of the singer and has scored at least 18 thousand views. In the annotation to video Queen wrote that: "The song" stood and cried, "created three women! Composer and lyricist Olga Kochetkova, singer Natasha Koroleva and sound-producer Victoria Muse! Each of them put her story of love, pain, hurt, frustrated! Three women have created a beautiful work for those who have loved, believed and was severely wounded by love! »

So - enjoy, comrades, the wounded creature love women.