Oct 14, 2013

We learned the name of the new girl's Andrei Arshavine

Since the beginning of summer the media circled the pictures of Andrei Arshavine, spending time at the beach in Miami of an unknown brunette, the national media began to hunt for a mysterious new passion athlete - Finally, the journalists managed to find out the name and some information about the new love of Russian football. Details of shares blogger Gato87.

Reported that the girl named Alice Kazmina (and not Daria, as erroneously assumed by some media). Chosen Arshavin is obviously not a big fan of social networking, so the information about it quite a bit. We know that Alice was born June 7, 1982 (ie, her one year less than the 32-year-old athlete), graduated from St. Petersburg State University Graduate School of Journalism.

Russian media sources reported that classmates describe Alice as bright and ambitious Woman - as they say, football (and sports in general), she was never interested in - at least, to a meeting with Arshavine. According to some reports, the girl was already married to a top manager of a Russian company, and she has two children.

New buzz about the pair rose after the premiere of the film "Stalingrad" in St. Petersburg: Arshavin appeared on the show in tape the company of his beloved, who gladly showed photographers its special decoration - gorgeous ring on the ring finger.

Recall that in June of this year, it was reported that the former common-law wife Julia Andrew, bringing up their three children, intends to sue the athlete half his property. The couple allegedly broke up last fall.

Reporters found out the name of his beloved Andrei Arshavine
Alice Kazmina and Andrei Arshavin in Miami in June of this year