Oct 21, 2013

Vera Brezhnev

Vera Brezhnev fainted

October 20 in Moscow hosts gala show "I want to VIA December", during which his faith Brezhnev driving accident.

According to eyewitnesses, Vera climbed the stairs, but stumbled and fell from a height of three meters on the concrete floor.

"Whiskey broken, lost her memory for a while, most likely will be removed from driving with Anya and Nadia," - said the witnesses.

to Brezhnev came to "fast "and among the guests concert began to walk the talk about what it will replace Anna Syedokovoyu.

Director Anne while on such a request does not speak. Later they began to say that the singer is back in Crocus to continue westward, however, the event is delayed.

Known that room with Brezhnev removed from the program, but organizers say that viewers will see Faith.

 Recall the title of the new "VIA Gra" fighting trio Hope Meyher and combined trio Vinnytsia-Syedokovoyi.