Oct 21, 2013

Tyra Banks is ready to adopt a child

Tyra Banks is ready to adopt a child

I have a baby, man I do it or he will come to me. I am open to adoption. I wanted to do it before it became fashionable.

It is not known when the star in the world "has become fashionable to" adopt children, and yet, according to the model said she wanted to do it in the early eighties - as a schoolgirl:
I was only nine years old, and I said to my mother: "Mom, I want a baby! but not necessarily that it was my child, I can take it somewhere and grow." Mom said it's called adoption, and I said, "Yes, Mommy, I want to do that." I mean, I was ready as early as nine years old.
But if the unborn child Tyra alleged father? Not yet - Banks admitted that she is currently dating "with someone" but a serious relationship out of the question (at least for now). A model has said that is not going to meet with someone from the world of celebrity:
This case is very personal, and they [my men] - not a celebrity. That's why people think I am with anyone and do not date.
By the way, about the personal and the public - not so long ago, Tyra has sold a screenplay about his life television channel ABC. The model will serve as one of the creators and producers of the new comedy TV show of the name itself - when it will air, and whether it touched upon the privacy model is still unknown.

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