Oct 21, 2013

Rihanna photoshoot in Abu Dhabi

Rihanna photo shoot in Abu Dhabi

Why fashion magazines, if there is a blog that reads ten million people? Rihanna continues to share its fresh photo sessions with the fans in his Instagram .

The pictures of authorship Stephen Gomilliona and Dennis Leopold Riri appeared in a traditional Arab women are modest black gown, the role of he performed jumpsuit from Stella McCartney. However, a great lover of fashion and luxury, the singer was not without its glittering accessories - the glamor and glitz image added Manolo Blahnik shoes and suspension Saint Laurent, as well as bright red nail polish and lipstick to match.

Theme photoshoot took place in Hell Dhabi, where Rihanna arrived with a concert this Saturday. Served as the backdrop for the training one of the most beautiful and largest mosques in the world - Sheikh Zayed Mosque, where, as a truly rare exceptions allowed not only Muslims.

By the way, in the show Riri also appeared in the theme of white dresses with an impromptu "kufiey" on his head. The next concert of the singer will take place tomorrow in Tel Aviv. I wonder which way she chooses for this performance?