Oct 17, 2013

Charlie Hunnam offered 125,000 dollars for his role in '50 shades of gray'?

Charlie Hunnam offered 125,000 dollars

Even coming out of the film project "50 shades of gray," Charlie Hunnam continues to be in the spotlight as one could refuse such a role? Recall, according to the official version, the actor was too busy on the set of the television series "Sons of Anarchy", to how to prepare for the role of Gray.

But interestingly - the sources of all the Western media, not saying a word, said - there is no "conflict schedules "could not be, because the shooting of the" Sons "ends in late October, and the" 50 shades of gray "are starting to appear in November.

Why are" merged "Hunnam? Under the new version, the actor offered only 125,000 dollars for the shooting. By Hollywood standards - a ridiculous amount. Almost in the same situation (for shooting in the first part of "Twilight"), the then little-known Robert Pattinson was $ 2 million. And with each new film, his fee was growing exponentially.

Meanwhile, the publication of The Hollywood Reporter has made a list of reasons why Hunnam could give up the role of Christian Grey. First, he still feared so much attention. The announcement that he will play Gray, coincided with the promotional campaign of the new season of "Sons of Anarchy" - because of the hype around Hunnam channel management had to put to him a couple of guards and cancel some of the planned activities.

Second Charlie - not only an actor but also a screenwriter. So when he was given a script to read "50 shades of gray," he tried to make my edits, but received a categorical refusal. Third, according to rumors, Hunnam did not get along with the director of the project, Sam Taylor-Johnson.