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October 25, 2014

Kim Kardashian celebrated birthday in Las Vegas

Yesterday Kim Kardashian celebrated her 34th birthday at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas. Guests of the reality TV star became her husband Kanye West, sister Chloe, mother Kris Jenner, Jonathan Cheban, and other loved ones. Earlier husband gave the birthday girl vacation in Hawaii.

Hero of the occasion was dressed in a white dress with a very deep neckline that perfectly sets off a fresh tan. In addition, she picked up a black sandals along with a strap at the ankle from Givenchy. As an example of a small jewelry Kim earrings, chain daughter named North and wedding ring.

Note that outside the club a large crowd of fans Kardashian. One of them was holding a sensational number of American Vogue magazine with Kim and Kanye on the cover. When the birthday girl and her guests entered the restaurant, the ceiling fell down confetti and girls dancers carried pink cake in the hall.

Recall actual birthday of Kim Kardashian - 21 October. That's when Kanye West gave her main gift surprise packed his bags, woke up at three in the morning and drove to the airport. From there the couple flew by private plane to Hawaii. As for Las Vegas, the Kardashian arranges "repeated" birthday every year.

Kim Kardashian celebrated birthday 2014

Kim Kardashian celebrated birthday 2014

Kim Kardashian celebrated birthday 2014

Kim Kardashian celebrated birthday 2014

Kim Kardashian celebrated birthday 2014

Kim Kardashian celebrated birthday 2014

Kim Kardashian celebrated birthday 2014

 Kanye West

 Kanye West



2014 Kim Kardashian celebrated birthday in Las Vegas

Sweet! Rita Ora sing 'Happy Birthday' for a Fan

Rita Ora sing 'Happy Birthday' for a Fan

Nowadays, the stars are indeed at every step occurs tracked once they leave once their private chambers. And at the airport they face to loyal fans and paparazzi to grab a few snapshots or autographs of their idols. Also Rita Ora is no longer a stranger and was just spotted at the airport in Los Angeles.

Most stars are mostly annoyed by annoying fans and photographers, especially if they have a great hurry, and as Rita Ora have to catch a plane. But the singer appeared in good spirits and gave their supporters despite time pressure and stress their attention. And a dedicated fan could be especially happy, because Rita trilled the lucky occasion of his birthday, even a little serenade. I think you can speak of true fan-love!

Also Rita Ora , fans and photographers

For careers: Megan Fox neglected her kids?

Megan Fox neglected her kids

5 weeks after birth at full throttle

Megan Fox revealed recently that she had nothing against a third child with husband Brian Austin Green objection. The couple already has two children together, the two year old Noah (2) and those born in February Bodhi. But Megan has apparently not enough, even though the actress already at two kiddies feels them not to be always accessible.

"If you're a mother, especially when you're working, you feel, not enough to give. Five weeks after Bodhi's birth I have again turned - freshly sewn to, so to speak - and I gave full throttle. While five weeks should be sitting the chest his child in the rocking chair after"
-so Megan in an interview with the cosmopolitan. Yes, not everyone manages the balancing act between work and children. But when Megan it looked not so far really, she neglect their children. After all her family in contrast may refer to her career in the first place, even though the 28-year-old sometimes does not feel.
"I'm so grateful for my career, but of course I also constantly think: maybe my baby needs me - and I'm not there."
 Megan Fox

October 24, 2014

Scout Willis, daughter of Demi Moore shows hairy armpits

Young, 22, posted the photo in his Twitter profile.

Scout Willis, daughter of Demi Moore with Bruce Willis, apparently loves attention. On Friday, 24th, the 22 year old posted a picture in which pouting and posed with a stop gecko on top of your nose. But one detail: when lifting the arm to do the pose, she left evidence in the armpit full of hair

This is not the first time showed that Scout is not very adept at waxing.. Also in photo published on social networking, it appears quite at home in the bathtub with her sister Tallulah Willis.

In the middle of this year, Scout caused controversy by posing with her breasts on display in protest against censorship of nipples Instagram. She walked with bare breasts in New York, where it is allowed to protest and photos shared on Twitter, writing:

"Theinstagram will not let him see #LibertemOsMamilos" and "Allowed in New York, but not ininstagram". The protest came after she and the singer Rihanna had accounts on the social network disabled for posting photos that appeared with exposed nipples.

Details of the wedding Julia Savicheva

October 23 finally married Russian singer Julia Savicheva. More than ten years it remained in the status of the bride, and now on the eve exchanged vows of eternal love and fidelity to her lover Alexander Arshinov.

Wedding, as we reported recently, took place in one of Moscow shopping malls. Two distinguished guests put a huge table, decorated with white flowers. On the price for the newlyweds sang his hits, many of those who came to the wedding the bride's colleagues, and even Julia picked up the microphone to sing a song to her husband, "The Bride", dedicated to him.

Among the guests were Joseph Kobzon (for some reason the master of Russian pop ignored his speech in London, which took place at the same time), Irina Slutskaya, Anita Tsoi, Anfisa Chekhov, Nargis Zakirova Arkady Ukupnik and many others. The first dance of the newlyweds danced under Yulin song "Tai as snow." Savicheva so touched that he let the tears.

At the end of the celebration carried a huge white cake that Julia Alexander cut together. On the top tier are the figures of angels.

«A hair's breadth as our newlyweds, they are also similar to the angels," - said the publication of "Super" Lera Kudryavtseva.

Julia and Alexander simply inundated with gifts, however, turned out to be the most expensive gift from producer Max Fadeev - he gave the newlyweds a house in Bali. And most of Max's wedding was not (he's sick), but his ward and her husband gave such a warm "hello".

Recall that a week before the wedding, Julia was on the TV show "Alone with all", which told a leading TV program Julia men'shovoy about his relationship with Alexander. Couple met when the singer was only sixteen years old. According Savicheva`s, she fell in love with the voice of Alexander and she first contacted him. Despite the difference in the two years he seemed too old Julia. So-Me brutal with tattoos already in the tunnel, performing alternative music.

They lived in a civil marriage for eleven years. Julia admits that it was not always easy, the first four years "lapping" anything can happen, but now they just perfect relationship. If someone does something like - they immediately negotiate the problem, solve it, and do not hold yourself. This singer believes the key to a successful relationship. Council and love!

Fashion faux pas! BH-speed camera at Duchess Kate

camera at Duchess Kate

When Duchess Kate last night to a gala dinner "Action on Addiction," published in London, some observers wondered this: Why the expectant mom only covers so much her baby bump? Yet another question stood out in the truest sense of the word: Flashes as it appeared about a white bra under the black dress?

What a Lana Del Rey media attention put on a cover in a scene or Selena Gomez best internal in the whole outfit, seemed to be rather unwillingly at Duchess Kate. Due to the lighting conditions on the red carpet of the royal bra or perhaps her petticoat was evident only under the robe - arrived inside was nothing more to see. Whether Kate did not notice the fashion faux pas or skillfully ignored: The Duchess of Cambridge did not let on. The Queen  may have been from that misstep, however, "not amused". Let's hope that Kate and her stylist must fear no evil consequences.

camera at Duchess Kate

camera at Duchess Kate

camera at Duchess Kate

Even pantyhose, cellulitis Lady Gaga are in evidence

Lagy Gaga in concert in London, England

Even using a fishnet pantyhose, the cellulite on the butt of Lady Gaga ended up in evidence during the show. The singer, who is not at his best, was presented on the evening of Thursday, 23, at the O2 stadium in London, England. Gaga's performance included a bold choreography with the dancers.

Lagy Gaga in concert in London, England

In September, Lady Gaga was photographed during his presentation in Sydney, Australia, the tour "ArtRave: The artpop Ball". On occasion, the singer drew attention for love handles and shape - a bit plumper than she usually display.

Lagy Gaga in concert in London, England