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November 01, 2014

Kendall Jenner: That's why she is so down to earth

While making Kendall Jenner just as sought-after career Mannequin - even from great fashion designers she reaps praise - down to earth, the little sister of Kim Kardashian but still remained. Why this is so and to whom she owes this virtue, the young lady now told in an interview.

For it was none other than her dad Bruce Jenner, who taught her and her sisters to stay on the floor of the facts and not stand out from sheer success. So Kendall told over InStyle:
 He helped us stay sane and on the right path He has always told us that we are to maintain posture and never have to look down on others.. 
A father happens to have great influence on his daughters - the other way round it is but just the same the case!

Kendall Jenner and her dad Bruce Jenner

Kendall Jenner

October 31, 2014

Amanda Bynes was discharged from the psychiatric clinic ahead of time

Amanda Bynes was discharged from a psychiatric hospital, where he was in the middle of this month. According to press reports, the doctor concluded that the actress is seriously ill, but the leadership of hospitals found her condition stable enough and did not see reasons to delay the celebrity treatment by force.

Accused Lindsay Lohan: App idea just stolen?

Complaint seeks $ 60 million

Actually was just on a very good path Lindsay Lohan and was thinking even to settle down and to get young. But if it ever goes up, it can also very soon go down, rather directly in court!

The actress must answer now before exactly that, because she was denounced by a former business partner. As TMZ reported, the 28-year-old should have stolen a million dollar idea him. Apparently, it is an app, which you can buy after the clothes from friends or even celebrities themselves. Because Lindsay but wanted more shares in the companies, she summarily kicked the business partners from the project and developed the app with a different investor.

Apparently, the ousted plaintiff should now demand a whopping $ 60 million compensation from the former scandal noodle. Should he get away with that Lindsay would certainly not like at all.

Kate & William indulge in romantic getaway!

Even royals need a break! Normally our royal gentlemen are so twisted it to keep function and to convince the public with a perfect appearance. But that can be quite clinchers, especially if you expect young and poor health anyway. Why have Prince William and his Duchess Kate, which is currently known to her second baby expected and suffers from severe morning sickness, decided to treat yourself to a break. The couple therefore approved a romantic trip to Scotland. Your goal: Balmoral Castle, the private residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

The short, one hour flight can even cope with the ailing Kate well and also for the small son George (1) should not be a problem in the foreseeable travel distance. An insider chatted over the Us Magazine: "It's great that George is now in the age where he can also travel Kate and William love to be outside and yet it is not too cold, so it is. perfect time for a trip".

Beyonce: Back to business for the Queen! (Photos)

Beyonce: Back to business for the Queen

After bummed in Paris and squatted London museums, Queen Bey took over the service in New York but keeps the "smile". Stylish the businesswoman!

Spotted in the streets of the Big Apple this Thursday, October 30, MOM's adorable Blue Ivy, which dropped its both simple fringe, went to its offices. What us cooking good? A new album? In fact, it is rumored for several weeks now that the beautiful prepares an opus in common with his Jay - Z love. And could well be part of this big musical project. In short, heavy, again and again!

Primed a grey skirt leather split on the thigh, a shirt checkered and his small bag Dior, Beyoncé delivers a new lesson in style in the category 'I am a businesswoman who has no shortage of style' and it validates!


Beyonce Businesswoman style

Beyonce Businesswoman style

Beyonce Businesswoman style

Beyonce Businesswoman style

Beyonce Businesswoman style

Beyonce Businesswoman style

Beyonce Businesswoman style

Beyonce Businesswoman style

October 30, 2014

Chain Mail: Anna Hathaway appears in knight look

Anna Hathaway appears in knight look

Last night Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway presented "Interstellar" her film in London. Quite unusual was not only the blue carpet, but also one of the main actors with their look: with an evening gown in metal optics, Anne Hathaway had quite a resemblance with a Knight.

The metallic Sheen and rivet-studded dress is quite reminiscent of a chain shirt or even a Knight armour - and so it was also on Anne's shoulders. The outfit only very subtly emphasized the character of otherwise so dainty-looking actress. Instead of a necklines there was only a deep look at Anne's legs for the present paparazzi Pack thanks to a slot. Their noble pallor fit perfectly to the knightly-looking robe.

If the look for a knighthood by star designer Donatella Versace would have sufficed? Finally, this explained the metal look already 2012 to the trend. But perhaps the Queen of the look of the actress was considerably more "amused" and is now beating Anne Hathaway became the first woman to the Knights.

Chain Mail: Anna Hathaway appears in knight look

Anna Hathaway appears in knight look

Anna Hathaway appears in knight look

Miley Cyrus in the campaign MAC Viva Glam

2014-Miley Cyrus for MAC Viva Glam

Miley Cyrus has become the new face of the advertising campaign of lipstick and lip gloss MAC Viva Glam. Thus, the singer joined other stellar Brand Ambassadors - Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Dita Von Teese, Nicky Minaj and Ricky Martin. Gain on sale of beauty novelties will aim to fund AIDS support.

The first promo picture 21-year-old Cyrus is on the floor in a luxurious black bodysuit adorned with stones, and with bright pink lipstick. 

known that Miley collection for MAC includes a shimmering lip gloss and lipstick saturated pink color, which will go on sale in January 2015. It is reported that the packaging of beauty products made in the style flamboyant celebrities - as bright and glamorous.

Miley Cyrus in the campaign MAC Viva Glam