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July 28, 2014

Miranda Kerr: a big liar?

Unmasked. If you believe the New York Daily News, Miranda Kerr would not single as she recently said. The top even adopt "extreme measures" to not be followed when going to find the arms of her millionaire James Packer.

Miranda, a mytho? Recently, the second highest paid model in the world, very discreet ordinary about his private life, confided to the Sydney Morning Herald to sweep the rumors and assured not to be more than just a friend to James Packer.

Affirming be a single lady, the latter stated:..
 "I do not seek anyone either I'm really happy being single at the moment, to devote myself fully to my work and Flynn All this me takes time "
But according to the New York Daily News, there is actually something else that takes him a lot of time. extreme measures it must bend to see her in secret millionaire !

Miranda Kerr takes many precautions to escape the paparazzi and keep this secret romance. Former Orlando Bloom have a well established strategy:
"It takes a taxi, spring, waiting fifteen minutes then resumes another taxi,"
 said a source close to the star, well aware of his little game. He added:
"She then stops to ensure that nobody is going to follow"
 ... Otherwise, to the wise, small board, simply formalize!

Beckham family spends summer vacation in Los Angeles

Beckham family spends summer vacation in Los Angeles

Not so often see Beckham family in full, are increasingly Victoria and David appear in public with the children individually - while one parent works for the good of the family, the other bringing up children. However, recently the paparazzi still got hold of rare and therefore less valuable pictures.

Stars and their equally famous sons and daughter were spotted on Saturday in Santa Monica, when they left the sports hall SoulCycle. Just at that moment, and photographers captured the Beckhams. Thank for photo blogger anna14.

At other times we would suggest you discuss tightened figure Vicky, she stressed, wearing tight leggings and top sports, but this time all of our attention riveted the Brooklyn and Harper - you Just look at them, perhaps, touching paintings and is difficult to imagine!

Victoria Beckham with children

Justin Bieber receives trophy awards in the United States

Vanessa Hudgens and more famous were the prize 'Young Hollywood Awards' this Sunday

Justin Bieber was one of the honorees of the award "Young Hollywood Awards" on Sunday, 27.'s Teen idol received the trophy "champion of charity" Hands of Grace Kesablak, founding member of the "Make a Wish". "That's what I live," celebrated Biber profile on the social network Instagram

Famous Vanessa Hudgens, Kellan Lutz, Ian Somerhalder, Kelly Osbourne -. They used more than one look at the ceremony - and Ashley Tisdale Also at the awards were held in Los Angeles, United States.

Justin Bieber receives trophy awards in the United States

Grace Kesablak and Justin Bieber at awards

At last! New teaser trailer for 'Hunger Games'

Then the fans have been waiting for: Finally there is a new insight into the first part of "Hunger Games: Mockingjay"! Once there was already a small but not very informative teaser trailer and also an idea of ​​how to make Philip Seymour Hoffman in one of his last roles, is now even more of an idea of ​​the plot.

Even if it takes some time until the actual start of the film and it is not yet time for a proper trailer, so the fans of "Hunger Games" series can at least look forward to a new teaser trailer. You can see alongside Julianne Moore and Philip Seymour Hoffman, which play an important role in this part, for example, Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne. Who in this teaser but no trace: Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. But it is in "Mockingjay: Part 1" in any case to a changing role.

July 27, 2014

In the 'prison': Kelly Osbourne is groped bad

Well, Kelly Osbourne and actor Pablo Schreiber but quite come close ... And although the man clearly committed with the mustache here sexual assault on the beauty with purple hair, YOU plugged in American prison garb? What's going on?

Of course, the two have allowed a joking and playing on the recorder role in the successful Netflix show "Orange Is the New Black" to. It embodies the 36 year old in a recurring role the disgusting prison guard George Mendez, who among the inmates not only because of his appearance on the nickname "pornstache", ie porn mustache, listen: Mendez smuggled for sexual favors drugs into prison and terrorizing the inmates - . necessary even by force

In this role slipped writer apparently also the occasion of the preparation of this year's Young Hollywood Award, for which he in the category of "We love to hate you" (Eng.: We love it is nominated to hate you). Kelly Osbourne will be moderating the event and has obviously rehearsed a skit with the actor. The two let them know about their Instagram pages: ". I watch you the YHAwards on Monday, then you see what these two perverts have done in the same room"

Melissa McCarthy: Family quarrel with cousin Jenny

Not since her comedy show "Mike & Molly" is a real hit, Melissa McCarthy enjoys a large fan base worldwide. Her relaxed and confident dealing with their extra pounds makes it a role model for millions of women. But in her own family, the actress is so popular not everybody. During their also famous cousin Jenny McCarthy it should not even be invited to the wedding

For years should be between Celebrity ladies prevail Ice Age and that, although she once had a good relationship with each other. "Jenny has helped Melissa to set foot in the industry., But now that Melissa's career runs, Jenny feels she has no time for them," says an acquaintance of the situation told The Enquirer. Sounds as if her cousin Jenny is jealous of the success. And so Melissa said in Howard Stern's radio show then that they will not go to Jenny's wedding to Donnie Wahlberg, as the two ladies would now live in completely different worlds. It would be such a wonderful event like a wedding but actually the perfect occasion for a reconciliation!

July 25, 2014

She's only in the 5th month 'Tila Tequila'

It is not the first baby bump picture, Tila Tequila postet, but probably the thickest! The former Party starlet is pregnant and almost unable to move. For a homemade snapshot of it but still not enough.

And such Tila currently has once again posted on their Facebook page. Clad only in underwear, sitting on her bed, the tubby belly is the focus of the image. Even Tila itself can hardly believe how thick her belly is now already.
 "! Omg The baby has made overnight again properly rampage It is simply a miracle Just grow going on -.., Without warning, and I still have four months before me Please me do not break my back, dear baby haha.!" 
, is to be read by her. And Tila has already boast an impressive ball. That they must hertragen this still proud to four months before, is almost incredible. Since the question is fully justified, as she wants to do it. The white Tila probably even just not

Nevertheless, it is also with huge baby-ball, in a good mood -. Although their mobility from day to day will be less.